Make: Nursery Sign Language Embroidery DIY

Make: Nursery Sign Language Embroidery DIY

Make: Nursery Sign Language Embroidery DIY

  • Posted by magpie
  • On August 17, 2017
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We are slowly starting to think about our itty bitty Gentile’s nursery and I’ve got a long list of DIYs planned.  I saw this cute sign langage “I love you” sign tutorial on Make & Do Crew’s website and gave embroidery a whirl.


  • “I love you” embroidery design, printed out
  • Embroidery thread – DMC 3801 + DMC 955
  • Cotton fabric
  • Embroidery needle
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Pencil for tracing the pattern onto the fabric
  • Acrylic paint + paintbrush if you want to paint your hoop
  • Scissors

I used an 8″ hoop to frame my design, but the free pattern download includes versions for 5″, 7″ and 8″ hoops.


  1. To download the free “I love you” embroidery design head to the Make & Do Crew Vault.
  2. Trace the pattern onto your fabric.
  3. Outline the hand using a backstitch.  (Note: I learned how to do a backstitch by watching a YouTube video)
  4. Give the hand a quick manicure by filling in the fingernails with a satin stitch.
  5. Paint your hoop, if you’d like.
  6. Trim the fabric so about 1″ extends beyond the hoop. Sew a running stitch around and pull to gather it tight. Tie off.



  • Aug 17 2017
You are so good and crafty!! Baby gentile is a lucky duck!
    • Aug 17 2017
    Just prioritizing all the important stuff over here, Blair. Ha ha ha.
  • Aug 17 2017
That really turned out great. You may have a new business!
    • Aug 18 2017
    Thanks, Mama!
  • Aug 17 2017
    • Aug 18 2017
    Thanks, Kath! xo.