Make: Pallet Herb Garden

Make: Pallet Herb Garden

Make: Pallet Herb Garden

  • Posted by magpie
  • On April 30, 2017
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Message from Maggie:

Mr. Magpie and I got to work this weekend on our herb garden.  This year we decided to take it up a notch (literally) by creating this vertical garden using an old pallet. If you are in DC, Fraeger’s hardware on Capitol Hill sells them for $4.

What you need:

  • A wood pallet
  • Sandpaper
  • Outdoor wood stain
  • Paint brush
  • A small roll of landscape fabric
  • A staple gun
  • Staples
  • 2 large bags of potting soil
  • Around 20 herbs or small plants
  • Permanent marker (Note: I used white)


  1. Procure a wood pallet with 10 openings for herbs or small plants.
  2. Sand down any rough spots on pallet using sand paper.
  3. Paint it with outdoor wood stain and let it dry completely.
  4. Cut landscape fabric into 10 rectangular pieces that are as wide as the pallet openings and as each side + the length of the space between the front and back of the board.
  5. Starting at the bottom of the pallet and staple garden fabric on the front and back of each pallet opening using your staple gun to create a bottom in each of the pallet openings.
  6. Once you’re done installing your garden fabric, fill your boxes with potting soil.
  7. Plant each pallet box with 1-2 herbs or small plants.
  8. Using permanent marker indicate on each plant box which herbs it contains.