Message from Maggie

Message from Maggie

Message from Maggie

  • Posted by magpie
  • On August 4, 2017
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Taking a break from menus, makes, and must haves, I wanted to share a personal update.

Mr. Magpie + I are excited to announce we are expecting a baby in December!  

Given the morning (er… all day) sickness and a few scares, my blogging cadence has slowed down a bit.  I have been busy growing a human, you see!  Realistically, it probably foreshadows what is to come when our itty bitty Gentile arrives and our new life starts in December.  At 22 weeks and over half way through the pregnancy, we are a mix of over-the-moon and scared-to-death.  For now, we are enjoying the celebration of this miracle and convincing ourselves we are ready for what is to come.  Feeling better now, I will get back to your regular scheduled blog posts.  I hope you each have a great weekend + have something in your own lives to celebrate today, too!


Grandma and Grandpa Magpie (Mr. Magpie's parents) are thrilled about the news! We feel deeply blessed and are anxiously anticipating the birth of itty bitty in December.
We're counting our blessings. You two are ready and Itty Bitty is so lucky to have such wonderful parents
Thanks to the grandmas for the love + support for our itty bitty Gentile. xo. Magpie

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